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From football to volleyball - sports has dominated our week

Team Tennis

Check out our Aegon Team Tennis kit, ran in partnership with the LTA


Summer may be over, but the poor weather and changing seasons have nothing on the stubbornness of British athletes - at least that's what we assume from how many teams we have been working with lately. For any and all sports, the Brits are showing that some bad weather won't slow us down - thankfully, otherwise we wouldn't get much done.

We've been working in all areas of athletics this week (in case the wonderfully named post didn't give it away). From football, where we have been making prints for Rangers, and doing kits for Nike Town London, to Golf, where Nike Golf is working us hard to make sure all of their players and clubs stay outfitted - we've been doing it all.

Netball? Thanks to Mizuno, who supply any kind of sports team you can think of, we've been kept busy with that. Tennis? You only need to look at our (amazing!) website, to know how close we are with the LTA. We've been doing kits for them all year - most recently, the National Open Finals, so keep an eye out for those.

Speaking of tennis (brilliant segue - I know) have you had a chance to check out our fantastic Aegon Team Tennis kit? We have everything a tennis player would need, from an old pro, to a kid picking up a raquet for the first time. So take a look and see. Don't need anything? Check it out anyway - treat yourself! We won't judge, promise. In case you missed the eye catching banners on the product page, everything is 25% off.

Jealous of all of the lucky people above (and the many unmentioned), who have had their kits supplied by, or branded by us here at Middlemiss? Don't be! Check out the our catalogues to see the items we can supply. Want to supply your own? No problem! Just visit the contact us page, and send along any requests or queries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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