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Here comes October

british masters

Goodbye September

Another month has come and gone, and it is hard to believe how quickly time is flying. September has disappeared for another year, and Christmas is only a matter of months away. And then it will be 2018! Can you believe it? But we are not here to worry about how quickly time is passing, we are here to - like normal blogs - talk about how we passed that time. And wow, have we been busy.

We are incredibly proud to have embroidered the garments for one of sports biggest events - the British Masters. We have branded the kit for the tournament, and we are happy to be able to contribute to such an important event. And Nike Golf was happy too - even popping in with some cakes for our hard workers, and while not necessary, it was more than appreciated. With the British Masters kicking off, and more golf tournaments happening this year and beyond, we will be working hard to make sure that golfers and spectators all over the world, look fantastic.

Speaking of golf, we have also been doing some work for some familiar faces. Helping Golf Poser, ProQuip, and CobraPuma supply golf clubs all accross the United Kingdom and Ireland with the highest quality service possible.

And we haven't only been working on golf. We completed items for a Satchi and Satchi event, branded some clothing and bags for Nike, and printed an array of tees for TRM, along with our usual tennis sales from our online store, as well as many of our local companies.

This has been one of many incredibly busy months, and we imagine the trend will continue throughout the remainder of the year.

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